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We would like to  point  out  that all of our rosettes are custom made according to your order. We do not have ready - made  rosettes in stock. Each rosette is handmade by us, which allows us to be very flexible and individual design-wise, but also requires a certain amount of time for production.


This is why we ask that you  please  place  your  order with plenty of time to spare. If you do not know the exact quantities due  to  short - term registration for your  event, that's  no problem.  Let us know -  in good time (please see Conditions of Use, §2)  -  the  approximate  number  of required items, including color  and  accent  choice;  the  exact  number  can  then  be  communicated  after  the  final entry deadline has passed. This is the only way we can always guarantee a timely and high quality delivery.


You can now setup all models with our configurator,

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In recent times, tournament and prize rosettes have become more and more popular. Whether at pet exhibitions, tournaments  or  sports  events,   rosettes  have  become  an  inexpensive  and  interesting alternative to cups, medals or bouquets of flowers. Our products are handmade, therefore the design can easily be adjusted to meet individual customer specifications.


Even small quantities or single ribbons (e.g. for weddings, anniversaries or birthday) are possible. Finest, high quality satin band with webbed edges turn each rosette into a cherished decorative memory. Seasonal accents streamers, individual print on buttons and middle streamers, as well as extraordinary details make each and every one of our rosettes truly unique and special.




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